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Andy On The Issues

Fighting the Drug Crisis

Ending the Drug and Opioid Crisis is Senator Zay’s top priority. Zay has held drug summits where doctors, counselors, recovered addicts, and emergency personnel are discovering innovative local solutions to the drug crisis.


Senator Zay has authored legislation to help law enforcement and the court system to hold drug dealers accountable, created over-prescribing requirements and improved treatment options for those fighting addiction.

Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

Andy Zay is a proud member of the NRA and strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights. Andy supports legislation that allows Hoosiers to defend themselves, their families, and their homes. 

Strengthening Religious Freedom and Family

Andy Zay believes faith and family values are the core to Hoosier success and worth protecting. The opportunity for each young Hoosier to succeed lies in this foundation. When the family unit breaks apart, Andy understands it is essential for state and faith-based resources to wrap around the child and family to assure future success. Andy has studied, authored, and sponsored many legislative initiatives to support foster children.

Improving Education

Senator Zay is member of the Education and Career Development Committee. Through collaboration with teachers, principals, parents, and students, Senator Zay has authored legislation to join business and education together to prepare all Hoosiers for the jobs of tomorrow. Zay supported increased investment in education that funds all types of educational options for Hoosier families including traditional public schools, charter schools, and vocational education.