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Andy Zay for Congress
Andy Zay - Infraestructure


Andy Zay Farming

Protecting Our Farmers

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in Northeast Indiana and the backbone of our economy.  I will proudly work to support family farms in Congress just as I have done in the state Senate.

Waters of the US and other regulations are destroying small farms.  Costing thousands of dollars a year, the government is ensuring it is impossible to carry on.  We MUST end overburdensome regulations while protecting small farms and farmers.

Debt Ceiling

For too long, members of Congress have refused to balance the budget. Now the national debt is unsustainable. Andy will support a reasonable spending limit so Indiana families are not excessively taxed and to prevent the next generation from being saddled with debt. As a business owner, Andy balances his books every month, and it’s time Washington did the same.

Andy Zay Pro-Life


As the father of five children, Andy is 100% Pro-Life and understands the importance of protecting the rights of the unborn. He supported Indiana’s pro-life laws in the Senate, and in Congress will oppose ANY taxpayer funding of abortion, and support the federal abortion ban. 


As the owner of an automobile dealership, Andy knows the barriers small businesses face to thrive. In the Biden economy, citizens need more hard-earned money to buy necessities and save for retirement; Congress MUST make tax cuts a priority. In Congress, Andy will never vote to raise taxes and will ensure more hard-earned money goes to the people rather than the government.

Andy Zay 2nd Amendment

Second Amendment 

With an A Rating from the NRA, Andy Zay has protected gun owners’ rights in the State Senate and will continue to do so in Congress. The Second Amendment wasn’t written to allow citizens to go hunting, it was designed to protect citizens from tyranny. Knowing this, he will not back down from the left’s attempts to take away this constitutional right.

Border Security 

Joe Biden has allowed Human Traffickers and Drug dealers to run rampant at the border. Fentanyl overdoses have increased exponentially. More crime and overdoses are a direct result of Joe Biden’s failed policies.

Indiana cannot have an overflow of dangerous drugs because of weak security. Andy supports building President Trump’s border wall, deporting criminal illegal aliens, and opposes sanctuary cities.   It’s time we got tough on the border, and Andy Zay will do the work to do it.

Andy Zay National Security

National Security 

Joe Biden has made America a laughingstock; he has emboldened Putin and China to press their interests abroad while weakening our troops at home.

To protect our national security, we must ensure our military has the resources they need. Andy will work with other legislators to ensure the Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard is well equipped. Andy will also oppose woke bureaucrats’ attempts to politicize our military with woke ideology and lower standards for our troops.

Title IX Reform 

Sports build character, so it’s crucial we make sure this activity is not fundamentally transformed by the radical left. Men competing in women’s sports tarnishes records set by female athletes. Men should not be allowed in women’s locker rooms under any circumstances. Andy voted to uphold the integrity of women’s sports by voting for H.B.1041 in the Indiana legislature last spring and will work to stop bureaucrats from abusing Title IX to ruin women’s sports in Congress.

Issues - Election Integrity

Election Integrity

To have a functioning Democracy, we must ensure the integrity of our elections are not compromised. In The State Senate, Andy has supported common sense election protections: An ID must be required to vote, and signature verification and scanned photo ID should be required for mail-in voting.

If the Democrats introduce a bill to federalize elections, Andy will vote against it in Congress.

Support Our Police 

Andy has backed the blue in the state senate and will do the same in Congress.  The radical left’s anti-police agenda isn’t just wrong; it makes our families less safe.  In Congress, I will oppose so-called ‘safe policing’ liberal crusades disguised as real policy.

Andy Zay Trade


Bad trade deal after Bad trade deal has left Wall Street rich and main street behind.  I support renegotiating existing trade agreements and exiting multilateral agreements where America does not control its own destiny.  We need to rebuild the American manufacturing economy, and it starts with clearing bad deals from the books.

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